Expressing Your Emotions

                   When I’m explaining expression of emotions to couples, I like to begin with the differences between men and women. Observation of women and men over a few decades has turned up the discovery that there is a significant difference. I bet you have noticed that! There […]

Good Communication Between Couples

                   Effective Communication In Your Relationship by Joe Taylor Licensed Marriage Family Therapist The majority of couples that come for marriage (or couples) counseling say they need to communicate better with their spouse. I agree. Even the best of relationships can benefit from some help in this […]

Tips for Avoiding Your Anxiety Triggers

Home Anxiety is a fact of life for just about everyone. For some people, the common signs of anxiety only have a minor, temporary effect. However, others have much more serious problems and require professional treatment. In either case, you may find that certain things trigger your feelings of anxiousness. You can take steps to […]